FAQs About Scholarships

1. How do I apply for a Lincoln-Lane Foundation Scholarship?
Please visit the To Apply page of this website to download an application and review the list of requirements.

2. When is the deadline for submitting an application?
Applications must be POSTMARKED by November 15. Please do not send applications by certified or registered mail.  The address is 207 Granby Street, Suite 302, Norfolk VA 23510.

3. Who is eligible for a scholarship?
Scholarships are available to residents of Tidewater Virginia who are planning to attend (or who are currently attending) a four-year college or university in the United States and who demonstrate academic success and financial need.

4. How is financial need determined?
We consider the number of individuals in the household, number of family members in college, family income, cost of attendance at the applicant’s college of choice, other academic financial awards, and the expected family contribution.

5. How is “expected family contribution” determined?
The EFC (expected family contribution) is determined by FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). Applicants will be expected to provide the Foundation with a copy of their SAR (Student Aid Report).

6. What is the SAR (Student Aid Report)?
The Student Aid Report summarizes the data you provide on your FAFSA and indicates your Expected Family Contribution – the amount your family is expected to pay towards your education.

7. What other criteria are used in selecting scholarship recipients?
We consider academic ability, concern for school and community through extracurricular activities and volunteer service. We also consider life experience as demonstrated by voluntary or paid work experience.

8. When will I be notified whether I have received a scholarship?
We notify students of the Board’s decision by the end of the first week of April.

9. What expenses can the scholarship pay?
Scholarship funds can cover direct educational expenses charged to the student by the college or university including tuition and fees, room and board, books and mandatory fees.

10. Will I receive a check for my scholarship?
No, scholarship funds are paid directly to the educational institution.

11. What are my responsibilities while receiving my scholarship?
The Student Task Calendar details your responsibilities and the timeline in which they are expected.  Click here for link to Student Task Calendar.

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