To Renew

Congratulations to our scholarship recipients. Please be aware of the following deadlines:

September 1: You will receive a form in the mail by early August that must be returned to The Foundation no later than September 1 notifying the Lincoln-Lane office of your school residence mailing address. We would also like your contact telephone number and email address.We must be able to contact you during the academic year. We need this information even if you live at home, have your own apartment, live on campus or if your address has not changed from the prior year. If we do not receive this information, the tuition payment for your spring semester may not be paid on time.

November 1: You must submit a completed Renewal application (click to download) (do not print on back of paper) that is postmarked by November 1. You must be a full time student taking at least 12 academic credit hours per semester and maintain a 2.5 GPA. A copy of the parent(s) or student’s prior year income tax return is required.

In addition, all scholarship recipients must:

  • notify the Foundation of any changes to the information contained on the renewal application.
  • notify the Foundation if he/she ceases to be a full-time student in good standing or if he/she withdraws from the college/university before the end of the regular semester or quarter.
  • request that an official transcript be mailed to the Foundation at the end of each grading period.

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